Treatment Program

Miracle Healing Hideaway wellness centre specializes in addiction, burnout and trauma. We offer private, individual counselling, unlike other typical group treatment programs. You will be treated like you are the only guest at our facility.

Rosalien, a wellness counsellor, abuse counsellor and clinical traumatologist, guides her guests along their Journey Into Wellness. We believe in moving beyond addiction into healing the whole self, without following a twelve-step program.

At Miracle Healing Hideaway one of the many approaches is “Mindfulness” which teaches you to deal with stress in a healthier way. 

Miracle Healing Hideaway wellness centre incorporates a personal healing approach, one guest at a time. Our 4-quadrant approach recognizes that you are the most important person here. Our self-contained cottage is a premier, private treatment facility. All programs include one-on-one counselling, coaching and wellness activities.

Do you want change from struggles with substance misuse, anxiety, stress, depression, grief, PTSD or burnout? You have chosen the right centre. Miracle Healing Hideaway educates you on stress management, depression and addictive behaviours. We help guide your Journey Into Wellness.

Everyone’s optimal wellness will be different, depending on their own needs, experiences, personality, and circumstances. Counselling is a journey, taking time and consistency to work effectively. Counselling and coaching can help you understand yourself, alter the way you think, and develop a plan to guide your Journey Into Wellness.