Typical Day At MHH

Sample of a Daily Treatment Schedule

Your program is unique to you. The following is an example a day’s schedule.

  • 08:30am Wake up, Light Breakfast
  • 09.00am Meditation, Gratitude Journal 
  • 10.00am Mindfulness Walk, Yoga/QiGong
  • 10.30am Check-in – Counselling/Coaching
  • 11.30am Reflection, Relaxation Time
  • 12.00am Lunch
  • 01.00pm Counselling/Coaching – Discovering-Self Curriculum – Wellness Education
  • 02.00pm Mind, Body, Soul Session
  • 03:00pm Yoga/Physical Activity
  • 04.00pm Free Integration Time
  • 05:00pm Nurturing Self Moments
  • 05:30pm Dinner
  • 06.30pm Journal, read a book, engage in art project, complete assignments, etc
  • 10.00pm Retire for night

Every day is different at Miracle Healing Hideaway. Our daily structure focuses on

  • Guided or silent meditations.
  • Ample time to start your day.
  • Encourage morning mindfulness walks.
  • Counselling/Coaching program starts at 10.30am and ends at 3:30/4:00pm. Topics dependent on schedule.
  • Three sessions per day are comprised of therapies such as: traumatology, body work, personal training, recreational and art activities.
  • Weekends are for you to connect with self. Enjoy the surroundings of the Shuswap.

Relaxing therapies are usually scheduled, since counselling can often be intense.
Since clients need varying amounts of reflection, free time is scheduled as requested. We aim to accommodate your needs.
Unlike other treatment centres, we prefer you to rest, reset, recover, relax and restore your health while you’re here.

 You may from time to time, request additional activities or personal services – a specialist check up for example, or even a manicure/pedicure. Perhaps you want to play a round of golf? Choose one of the Outings Activities if included in your package.