Employee Burnout

Are you working harder and longer hours and facing a possible breaking point while your boss isn’t even aware of it?

In todays struggling economy, many employees are happy to have jobs and don’t want to appear ungrateful. Employees, who give more than 100% and are available 24/7, can be at risk for burnout.

A study of 500 IT administrators from various firms revealed that:

  • 72% of respondents were stressed
  • 67% considered switching careers
  • 85% said their job intruded on their personal life
  • 42% lost sleep over work.

Is this the start of employee burnout?
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in March 2012 that 1.8% of full-time employees (around 2.1 million workers) quit their jobs in the private sectors due to burnout. The rate has made a slow, steady climb since June 2009, a potential sign of encroaching burnout, among many other things.

Many employees, afraid to complain and risk losing their jobs, continue to be overworked. Working in this relentless environment can be devastating over the long-term.

Stress can wreak havoc on your body, contribute to high blood pressure and even add to cardiac disease.

Are you feeling:

  • disconnected from the workplace, job and colleagues
  • disconnected from yourself
  • like you need additional sick days
  • suffocated by life
  • like you are unable to speak to your manager
  • low motivation
“If you are feeling like you don’t have a life while working at your job, then employee burnout is around the corner.”~ Rosalien Stagg