Honoring One Hideaway Guest at a Time!

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Private We are different from other treatment centres in the world because we treat one hideaway guest at a time, with dignity and complete anonymity. Enjoy these luxury surroundings, experience swimming in the lake, kayaking or climbing the mountain behind you, where you can sit and meditate, draw or listen to the birds. This is a hideaway where confidentiality is top priority and is created in order to help you heal.

Individual Each hideaway guest’s personalized treatment plan is unique and implemented by a dedicated personal coach/counsellor who lives on site near the guest during their stay at this Miracle Healing Hideaway cottage. We treat the underlying causes of our guests’ issues, not merely their symptoms. We use proven techniques to ensure optimum healing in all areas of their lives.

Powerful Our hideaway guests receive one-on-one coaching/counselling 4 to 5 hours a day, not four to eight hours a month as is the case in other treatment centres. The effects of this clinical therapy is enhanced by the wide range of complementary therapies.

Miracle Miracles happen every day and here is no exception. Seeds of information are given and planted each and every day. As our guest you have the opportunity to heal, move forward and blossom in your life. These tools are only the beginning of what you will experience in the weeks and years to come. Take the seeds and water them allowing new growth and understanding into your life.

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