Light Therapy

Brain Food – Brain Gym – Brain Skills

At Miracle Healing Hideaway, experience Light Therapy as part of your Total Wellness regime.
Total Wellness, including Brain Wellness, is an evolving area of critical research.
Up to three “brain centres,” in constant conversation with the brain in our skull, have been discovered including.

  • The Heart
  • The Gut (Enteric Nervous System)
  • The Immune System

With the Neuro Light, there are two ways to interpret the phrase Total Brain Wellness:
The Wellness (of the Brain) is Total, meaning all aspects of Wellness;
The Total Brain itself, meaning all aspects of the Brain including the “Heart Brain”, “Gut Brain” and “Immune Brain”.
The Networking, Neuroplastic, Harmonic, Dancing Neuro Light processes of the brain saturate the entire organism, our entire being, and affect our TOTAL Brain(s).
The Neuro Light device delivers potent Light/Sound signals to the brain.

“When you properly Signal the Brain, you Message the Mind”. ~ Rosalien Stagg

There are three ways to Train the Brain.
The first way is to begin by feeding it proper Brain Food
The brain will self organize if it has enough energy and connection. The brain consumes 10 times more energy than any other organ in the body. To stimulate and increase energy production in the brain, we feed the brain what it needs. Nasal light stimulation delivers light into the brain and the blood absorbs the food. Light is absorbed into your skin through the nasal passages.

Nasal light stimulation delivers food directly to the brain.
Light therapy is simple. Once the brain has enough food it will fluidly work with every layer of the brain, including with the Brain Gym and Brain Skills.
Brain food is mandatory to heal the brain and increase brain efficiency and function. This tool can be used with both Brain Gym and Brain Skills sessions.

Brain Food

The brain food light has been used for over 20 years. Raving improvements in blood sugar, insomnia, anxiety, depression etc. because it supplies energy to functions that require energy.
The two other ways to Train the Brain are Brain Gym and Brain Skills.