The “Trauma Memory Release Program is based upon the premise that you are a spirit being living in a body and you are having a human experience.   This program brings awareness to a new way of releasing, neutralizing and eliminating negative emotions and feelings surrounding memories, trauma and PTSD. You will be introduced to a new technique called “Soul Link”- a simple way of releasing these emotions and feelings.  You will be guided to heal your inner child and release past generational traumas that still have connection to you.  You will learn self care tools to help you deal with any residual anxiety, depression and panic you may experience.   We’ve placed layers of protection around ourselves protecting us from emotions such as: hurt and fear. These unresolved emotions and feelings that have built up over many life times are carried through our DNA. Our attitudes, ideas, beliefs, also our patterns of behavior, even our personal, daily habits are all seen through our feelings of self worth, self acceptance, self doubt and lack of self love.

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